Epi Dauphine?

  1. Hi -- Is this an older style bag? I do not see it on elux. Does anyone know how this compares to the wapity? It is bigger, correct? I just bought it to use in my bigger bags for my cellphone, blackberry and a couple other little things.

  2. ive never heard of it! hmmm...
    i just looked it up.. and i think its about the same size, if not bigger than the wapity. because the wapity is TINY
  3. Hi, yes, it's old fashioned but still collectible :p thought if I correct, Dauphine was produced in 2 size... ( please don't quote me ) :p If I be you, I'll choose wapity. I think Wapity is roomy enough.
  4. I had the Dauphine. It's over 15 years old and very stiff making it even difficult the locate the datecode. :p A very hard case cosmetic bag and really quite adorable. I like the smaller one as an elegant clutch and use the larger one as a cosmetic case. Either one is a pita to get into because of the rigid older Epi leather.
  5. Thanks for the responses! I actually just received it today and I LOVE it. It is such a pretty bag. The shape, etc... It seems pretty easy to get into but I will report back in a few days if my opinion changes.