Epi Croisette

  1. Can anyone tell me if this bag is discontinued? Its on the LV website but not on eluxury. Also, how much does it retail for?

    For those of you who own it how do you like it? Is it comfortable to wear on the shoulder? TIA!
  2. It says it is available to purchase on te UK website at £565 - roughly $1,130, so at a guess I'd say no not discontinued? iono
  3. Thanks!
  4. elux don't stock all LV items, not even regular line, at least I've never seen Damier Bastille on it :'( I would try 866 to see if it's still available in store :flowers:
  5. I'll ask for one the next time I'm at LV. Although I hate it when I ask for something and they have no idea what I'm talking about! :cursing:
  6. Yeah, its very :cursing: when all you wanna know is a name and/or price
  7. I have never heard of it does any one have a picture.
  8. Yes, I think it's already discontinued and they're selling the currently stock only. Their last color for Croisette is Mandarin and didn't relased in Myrtille, Canelle nor Ivoire.
  9. I have one in lilac. I think it's ok I'm not really inlove with though. I just like the color. As far as shape and style goes, it looks ok. It's comfortable to wear on the shoulder because the straps are long (long enough for me at least).
  10. It's a great bag, although the style of it is questionable! The color does make the difference, and well Noir being the only color it's avail. in... Umm yeah I know generally the mature folks tend to like this bag these days! haha, including my mom! Soooo yeah.... I'd actually lean towards the St. Jacques or maybe even a Turenne or something... It's all a personal pref. right! It is a good bag, I do like the 2 outside pockets!