Epi Compact Wallet Owners, please read: Is this common or rare?

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  1. For those who have owned their Epi Compact Wallets for a while, I am wondering if it is common, or if its rare, for the interior of the billfold where the "folding part" is, to be flaking or to appear scrubbed off. Also, when I run my fingernail with a bit of pressure against the side where all the flaking is seen, it leaves a very visible scratch. Unlike the rest of the wallet that has sturdy leather, the side where the flaking is seen has an almost sticky surface that you can scratch right through. :confused1: Is this just how the Compact Epi is?

    In the first pic, you can see how the "folding part" has rubbed/flaked off
    In the second pic, you can see where I easily made my own scratch into the surface with my fingernail

    Please share your thoughts with me:yes:

  2. common due to humidity is their excuse.

    i honestly dont know what to tell you.
  3. Thank you for your reply..

    Im just wondering if anyone else has a wallet where you can so easily scratch the interior with your fingernail? Or where it flakes off the middle folding part?
  4. Yes, it's a common thing. Epi, Mono, Damier, Vernis and Taiga encountered such that thing. I stopped to use wallet with like that linning and go to Suhali, Charm, Multicolore and Cherry Blossom wallet.

    I brought my Taiga to LV Singapore for repair and they give me FREE service :smile: but I heard, in some countries, LV store will charge for repairing fees. Just send it to LV for service.