Epi Compact Wallet DISCONTINUED?!?!

  1. Hey guys I searched and could not find a thing about this, so here it goes: I called 866 tonight and spoke with a moderately rude person named patrick, who informed me that the Epi Compact wallet has been discontinued! Is this in fact true, as I saw it earlier on Eluxury tonight, I want the Mocha one. Please don't tell me it's true! :crybaby:
  2. I THINK I remember hearing something about it being discontinued... :s

  3. Sadly but true :yes::yes:. If you find one grab it..
  4. It's a cute wallet- but isn't it strange that they made it in canelle if it was going to be discontinued?
  5. I wonder if Mocha is still available in it!?!?!
  6. That's a nice wallet, why discontinue it <sigh>
  7. I have that wallet :nuts:! Indeed it's a shame to discontinue it, it's a useful wallet :yes:
  8. I had this once- it is lovely. Sometimes I wonder who makes the decisions what to discontinue- I hear from lots of people who are looking for discontinued things.
  9. I am in Canada, so no eluxury for me! :sad:
  10. ^ same here