Epi colour comes March1: Ivory

  1. hi, I was just on the phone with 866, the guy told me the new epi colour will be ivory....this is new info to me....sorry if I am telling something you might already know......
  2. No need to say sorry. Thanks a lot for sharing the information...;)
  3. Yes, no need to be sorry. I think most of the pfers are not sure if it's white white, off white, or Ivory. So, Thank you for the info!
  4. So, is it pretty much like Vanilla??
  5. OOOOO i am very excited !!! LOL. I love Vanilla, but I am picturing Ivory as more of a bone white shade. Maybe I am picturing Chloe Vanilla vs. Chloe Ivory- Vanilla being a creamier color, Ivory more like actual Ivory, but in any case I am sure it will be amazing!
  6. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't clear on when the new color would be available.
  7. Thanks so much for the info! Can't wait to see the ivory IRL!!
  8. is ivory similar to vanilla?
  9. I cant wait to see this IRL!
  10. thanks for sharing! i wonder how similar this will look to the vanilla color.
  11. Thanks so much for the info! I have been wishing that epi would come in an off-white shade. I am so thrilled.
  12. Woo, thanks for the info! I wonder if it's for all epi designs, now I gotta go see what I would like in the epi range :smile:
  13. Yay!! I'm so excited.:yahoo:
  14. Yay thank you.
  15. Ooooooooooo! Can't wait to see this one in person :happydance: