EPI Colors of Jasmin and Soufflots..

  1. Hi! I wanted to double check how many colors does Jasmin and the Epi Soufflot have? I know some colors are already discontinued and I wanted to get them all in various colors. I saw some white, orange, red? (is it also available in Jasmin?) how about blue, green, brown, etc. etc. Just want to double check.. TIA!

  2. For the Jasmin, I believe it has come in:
    Myrtille (darker blue)
    Red (old w/gold hardware)
    Red (new w/silver/palladium hardware)
    Mandarin (orange, I have this one and love it)
    Vanilla (a creamy yellowish white)
    Ivorie (white)
    Cannelle (sienna brown)
    Moka (dark brown)
    Black (w/palladium hardware)
    Black (w/gold hardware)

    For the Soufflout:
    Black (w/palladium hardware)
    Black (w/gold hardware)
    Red (gold hardware)
    Red (palladium hardware)
    And it MAY have come in a yellow but I can't remember ATM
  3. wow rebecca! Thanks a lot! That's very informative! :biggrin:
  4. Lv babydoll, you could be our colour reference expert!!! Thanks. Anyway, is Jasmin in Vanilla discontinued? I'm looking for one!
  5. You're welcome!
    And lol sally_s :p
    As for the Vanilla, yup that was discontinued in the mid 90's I believe. One shows up on eBay every so often though.