Epi Color Reference

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  1. I'm really loving my Epi speedy and am not so knowledgeable on it.
    I thought we could start a thread documenting the different colors. If you could post a color and the approximate year that would be great! Pics would be wonderful too!
  2. Lovely idea, Twiggers! Here is my 2006 Red Epi Speedy 25(Rouge 2--new red) with Silver Hardware and made in 2004 Black Epi Soufflot with discontinued gold/brass hardware...
    Epi Speedy 25 Red full pic.jpg Epi Speedy 25 Red Close Up Silver hardware.jpg Epi Soufflot in Black with Gold Hardware.jpg
  3. Okay here are All the Epi Colors I Know of thus far:

    Mandarine (orange)
    2. Noir-black
    3. Moka (Deep Brown)
    4-5. Rouge- Red
    a. Old red with blue undertones (darker)
    b. New Red (Looks like Cherry) brighter
    5. Yellow (vibrant)
    6. Green (forest green)
    7. Lilac
    8-9. Blue
    a. Toledo (Brighter blueberry color)
    b. Myrtille (Deeper Blue)
    10. Fawn (just like a deer)
    11. Vanilla (very light yellow base)
    12. Canelle
    13. Pepper (Greyish)
  4. Twiggers:

    The Epi line was introduced in 1986.

    Great thread Twiggers, I am a huge Epi Fan. This Saturday when its cold and rainy outside I will post some more info and colors.:yes:
  5. Here are some toledo blue and mandarin pieces! LOVE EPI :biggrin: :yahoo:
  6. Great idea!! I still don't know what genius decided to discontinue lilac....:crybaby:
  7. that's toledo? it looks like myrtille to me.
  8. So the epi speedy 25 really does exist? I haven't been able to find one - also, do you happen to know how much $ it is? Thanks everyone - you are my gurus!
  9. There's also that something gold colour...I don't remember what the first word is, but it starts with a "C", it reminds me of fawn, but it' more gold-toned, of course.
  10. oMIGOSH! Twiggers, i love your writings! Always informative!
    I just started a thread asking someone to shed some light on the epi speedy, the black in particular, it would be BEYOND to have ONE thread to reference everything we know about the epis and their tell tale signs of authenticity.
  11. Myrtille Blue Speedy 25 (bought in Feb 2006)


    Red Pont Neuf (1998) Myrtille Blue Speedy 25 ---> with camera's flash, therefore brighter (2006)

  12. Yes.. yes , I remember that one.
    Actually, I own both of them (gold & fawn).

    Here is my gold Noe and fawn Sac D'epaule GM. :jammin:

  13. Thanks for the pics and info so far everyone!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can eventually have all of the colors documented!
    Meeju: The last three pics...what are the colors?
  14. Here are some pictures I have of my Epi Collection::love:

    1.Old Red Alma
    2.Toledo Blue Speedy 30
    3.Yellow Speedy 25
    4.Group Picture: Mandarin bucket, Old Red Alma, Toloedo Petit Noe, Vanilla Soufflot, Lilac Dinard and Yellow Speedy
    5.Lilac Dinard
    Folder 1 273.jpg Folder 1 268.jpg Folder 1 267.jpg Folder 1 235.jpg Lilac Dinard 001.jpg
  15. Ghost...what a beautiful collection of Epis you have!