Epi color ? Re: Ivorie

  1. I was wondering...from the pics I've seen Ivorie looks greyish?? Is this how it looks IRL?? On the vuitton.com site it looks more off white...:shrugs:


    TIA! :yes:
  2. when you look at it, it's really nice and white against other colors. but when it's next to true pure white, you can tell it's a slight "off white" color. the actual lines of the epi however are a slight tinge of light grey, almost similar to the lilac epi at certain angles. it gives it great depth though.

    but it's definitely not as "creamy" looking as the light color on the azur.
  3. Thanks!! :yes:
  4. It's more of a oyster white.
  5. I have the Alma in Ivoire! It's actually got two different hues according to the depth of the leather: the bottom layer (below the fine lines) is really white, the uppermost layer (on top of the fine lines) is more greyish. That's why it looks creamy/greyish from far away, but it makes it look gorgeous!
  6. It's pretty "white" to me, you've gotta see it in person to find out how great this colour looks
  7. I bought the epi alma in ivoire last week. The color is somewhere between white and cream - but def. more on the white side and no yellow tone to it whatsoever. It's more of a cool color than a warm color. Very summery. Unfortunately I didn't love the alma's size (I like bigger bags) so I am sending it back to elux for something else. The color was fantastic though and very sophisticated.
  8. The glaze (is that what it's called?) is a light grey...but the ivoire itself is a very nice, creamy colour, but like someone said, not as "creamy" as the azur. The silver hardware looks gorgeous with it...I wouldn't like it as much if it came in gold hardware.
  9. more off-white...in URL..
    pretty nice colour...I'm considering the passy GM or Suhali Lockit PM (in that colour..blanc)
  10. its pretty white.