Epi Color Question

  1. Does anyone know when they discontinued the toledo blue epi and fawn colors?
  2. I have a toledo blue epi speedy that I believe is at least 10 years old.
  3. ^^^ What does Toledo Blue looks like???? Do you have a pic?
  4. ^^^^ Oh, it's GORGEOUS!!!!! Love that color!!!! How's Epi holding up after 10 years of use? I have black Epi Speedy and I LOVE it SO much!!!! I've only had it for a few months (afraid to use it every day though...but I do love to take her out when going out).

    Thank you for posting the link!
  5. That's a very pretty shade of blue!
  6. It is a very pretty shade of blue!

    I've seen it here and there, and it always makes me happy to know there are people out there that LOVE The Epi collection... I think my all time fav. color would have to be the yellow... :smile:

    I'm unsure about this new color coming out this year... I have to wait and see it in person...
  7. what is the new color coming out this year? I haven't heard . . .

    and for those who asked, my 10-year-old speedy looks BRAND new, I swear. and I have seen photos here at tPF of some members' over ten-year-old epi wallets, and they look brand new, too. I think epi is pretty indestructible.
  8. Yep, my mum has a Toledo Blue Epi as well and it's more than 10 years old . Looked new and indestructible as Gibbs2424 said:yes: Sorry but I don't know when it discontinued:shrugs:
  9. Thanks. I told my friend it was that old but she did not believe me. It is a great blue. I am hoping to find a fawn piece for the fall. I have some boots I think would go perfectly!
  10. it is a old epi discontinued colour. i have a 1996 red epi petite noe, and till this day, it looks like brand new, strap is stiff, the bag itself is in great shape and still smells new as well. i never regret any of my epi purchases. i noticed that epi should be left alone, if leather conditioner is used too frequently, the leather will be softer over time thus scruff marks are easily found on the bag.
  11. I forgot what the actual name is, haha but yeah there's a new style Epi bag coming out (2 sizes), single strap, zip top, with a zip side pocket...and yeah... I'm having a hard time describing this type of brown, its a light brown... kind of has a rusty brown orange look to it... haha when I get to work Thurs. I'll get the official name of this color... ha.
  12. I think that new style epi bag is called the Turenne and it comes in a PM and a GM. (saw it from an older post.) I can't wait to see pictures!!!
  13. HAHA thats it! Thank you!

    I knew it was some funky name... haha. Yeah its going to be avail. in 3 colors only... Noir, Roug, and yeah that color I can't seem to describe very well at this time... ha. I'll have to check tomorrow when I get to work.
  14. i was told by the SA the new epi colour will be somethings like Cinnamon colour....