Epi Clutch - Pic of what it can fit

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  1. I wanted to post a picture of how much can fit into the epi pochette for handbag*girl. I couldn't figure out how to do this in the private message so sorry to everyone for taking up space here.

    First pic is the epi pochette and the second pic is the epi montaigne clutch. Sorry for the poor quality though :sad:. Bad camera :crybaby:
    Contents of Epi Pochette.JPG Contents of Montaigne Clutch.JPG
  2. Which one do you like better, pochette or montaigne?
  3. Wow, they fit a lot!!!
  4. Currently I like the Montaigne clutch more because I can carry a little more. If I am going to an event directly from home I take this bag because it can fit everything I need - camera, phone, keys, wallet, compact, lipgloss. With the pochette, I cannot put the camera in it and need to carry it separately, however I use this one if I go somewhere after work since it feets better into my larger work bag.
  5. Wow, thanks for sharing ... I'm thinking about getting the montaigne, just holding out to see if it'll come out in red or the rumored(?) new violet/purple?
  6. I would flip if it came out in purple :nuts: but I can't have the same style bag. Arghhhhhh .....