Epi Cluny, fugly or not?

  1. I've never seen this bag irl only on e-bay...any opinions? I know it's no longer made.
  2. hmm... never know that style :P
  3. I don't mind it!
  4. Not that fond with the style..it's ok but I don;t think I will buy it..

  5. it's not my style...
  6. Oooh, it's this one. I'm not a big fan of this style.
  7. It's kind of awkwardly shaped, IMO. It'd look better as a hand held bag as opposed to a shoulder bag.
  8. it's okay...
  9. I personally don't like that.
  10. i thought it was beautiful when it came out (late 90's i think) but now it doesnt appeal to me as much.
  11. Definitely not my style...but if you like it, go for it. Something must have captivated you or you wouldn't have asked about it ;) Go for it!
  12. Fugly! It looks kind of like a wine bottle case.
  13. ^^^ I agree
  14. I Love That Bag!!! :smile: Forgot About It & Never Knew The Name....