Epi Cassis - Speedy 30 with Charm or Alma???

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  1. I am feeling the need for just a little bit of color and have decided that since I missed out on grenade (which is tdf) then cassis will have to do.
    Would you all choose an epi cassis speedy with the mini lin charm in palladium/black or the epi cassis alma? I cant afford to do the alma with the charm so it would go it alone. Thoughts????
  2. Speedy and charm for sure
  3. tough choice but i would do speedy and charm.
  4. Speedy and charm....Speedy and charm....Speedy and charm (that is me chanting/singing - lol) :P
  5. I too am wanting the same epi in cassis and I keep debating between the speedy and alma. After lots of thought I think Im going with the speedy. I think you would be happy with the speedy and the charm, the charms are just so cute and fun.

    Another option might be the lockit, its very cute and close in price to the speedy.
  6. Another vote for the speedy and charm! Love it!
  7. bag and charm
  8. The Speedy plus the charm, Cassis is so yummy!
  9. Definitely speedy and charm that bag is on my wishlist too :love:
  10. Speedy and charm. Don't really care for the alma.
  11. speedy and charm like everyone says! it's better to get two things than one. :]
  12. another for the speedy and charm.
  13. I'm joining kburns2000
  14. alma!!!!!!!!
  15. speeedy and charm!!