Epi Bucket or Soufflot? Mandarin

  1. I am searching for an Epi Mandarin bucket - sigh. Any thoughts on the style or open top?
    My second choice would be a Soufflot because it zips.
    I appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the styles as the clock is ticking on the Mandarin color!:crybaby:
  2. I love the Bucket style. :love: DH just bought me the Damier Marais and he asked the very same thing about the open top. When I carry it though, the top closes up nicely as it is tucked in between my arm and my body.

    I vote for the bucket b/c it comes with a lovely pochette! :yes:
  3. Soufflot for me:yes: Love the shape and it zips:smile:
  4. I love the Soufflot!
  5. hm...tough choice. but i have the epi bucket in black and it is extremely comfortable to wear. good luck on your search!
  6. i prefer the Soufflot. it's such a cute shape, and it has a zipper. i don't like the shape of the Bucket and the open top.
  7. I just bought the mono bucket and I love it. THe open top doesn't really matter, b/c as addicted to LV said, the top closes under your arm anyway.
  8. Bucket!
  9. i have the damiar small bucket and the red epi soufflot, I am tired of the bucket and love my soufflot still!!
  10. Can the Soufflot be used as a shoulder bag or is it too uncomfortable? I am afraid it might squish the shape of the bag if you use it on the shoulder?
  11. I love my mandarin bucket, and the top does smoosh shut when you carry it under your arm, but the Soufflot is soooo cute :love: What a tough decision, but you can't go wrong with either one!
  12. I love the soufflot.
  13. I would go with soufflot (I don't like how things can just fall out of the bucket if it tips over).
  14. I vote for the soufflot!!! It's on my want list!!!
  15. Soufflot!!