Epi Bowling Montaigne PM vs. Duomo

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  1. Wow these look lovely! Similar shape to the Duomo but its also available in red and and LOVE red -- anyone seen these in person and can tell me if it may be something I should consider have them swapping out since I've got the Duomo waiting for me and price is similar .. is this a permanent addition? Hmm this could be tempting LOL or maybe I should just plan on getting both ;)

  2. I agree, love the bag. I think it´s permanent yes.
  3. I love the new Montaigne PM. I have added it to my elux shopping cart where it will sit so that I can occasionally gaze lovingly at it. I prefer it over the duomo.
  4. I bought this one....I love it I say either would be fine...but I say this one.
  5. Duomo :heart:
  6. I saw it in a LV boutique two days ago absolutely love it. You should get it! :yes:
  7. Thanks for the input :smile: I'm thinking I'll still go for the Duomo but I'll be sure to take a look at this in person if I get a chance - it looks cool but Epi isn't my favourite .. and I prefer gold hardware. At least I'll go for the Duomo first lol. Love the design though!
  8. I love the Montaigne!! I adore Epi though- it's so beautiful and very durable. I would say get a red Montaigne, but that's just my opinion!
  9. I would say go with the classic, Damier, first. Since the Epi Montaigne is permanent, it'll be there down the road. ;)
  10. I do like this bag very much. I contemplated on purchasing it as i love epi and 'need' a black LV bag; however, I do not care for the silver hardware and it is too similar to my duomo - which I absolutely LOVE.
  11. I would get the Doumo in a heartbeat. It's so fabulous looking. I can't get the image out of my head of a smilie face when I see the epi piece since another tPFer mentioned it.
  12. i saw this at LV and its gorgeous, I really want it in ivory.
  13. love it!
  14. i prefer the Duomo hands down; it's so classy and elegant, and the shape is much nicer too
  15. i was thinking that! the shape of this bag is very similar to the duomo. i love... BOTH! ::upsidedown: