Epi Bowling Montaigne PM or Vernis Summit Drive Pomme D Amour

  1. Hi there!

    I wish I could get both of them but I can only buy one bag.

    Please give me your opinion. I am holding both bags with eLuxury and I hope they will have stock when I decide to buy one of them.

    Thank you
  2. I like the summit drive. That Pomme color is to die for!
  3. I would love the summit drive in pomme or aramante so I would get that one.:tup:
  4. I'm a little biased as I own the Ivorie Bowling Montaigne Pm and LOVE it! :yes:
  5. I like the bowling montaigne!
  6. oh gosh that is so hard... they are both equally beautiful bags. but i really think epi leather is more classic than the vernis. vernis fun and chic. i guess that depends on the leather you prefer more, rather than the style. i like both! hehe i'm of no help...
  7. My personal choice would be the epi montaigne.
  8. Have you seen the summit drive IRL? Once you do, you wont take it off your arm !!! Its gorgeous....
    good luck deciding !!!
  9. Ooh, Summit Drive!
  10. Summit Drive!!
  11. Thank you for your opinon. I just ordered Summit Drive through eLuxury! Thanks again for your support!
  12. Well I am a little late... but I would of gone with the summit drive so GREAT choice and congrats.. Can't wait to see pics
  13. Summit Drive, especially if you've decided on Pomme. It is absolutely stunning IRL.
  14. I will choose Summit Drive, I want to get it too...:tup:
  15. Summit Drive Pomme D Amour.