Epi Bowling Montaigne GM..Purple or Ivory

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm going shopping tonight and have to make a decision between the purple or ivory Epi Bowling Montaign. I can't decide!!! I like both but I already have a white chanel bag and a white dior. I don't have anything in purple and would like to get one. Do you guys think that the purple Epi will go out of fashion anytime soon? Is it a seasonal color? I've read a lot of posts here and it doesn't seem like the Epi Bowling Montaign GM is very popular. What are your thoughts? What color should I get? Thanks a bunch! :smile::love:
  2. I would definitely so with the Cassis! I don't really think it's a seasonal colour, the purple is quite subtle and seems to be very versatile to be matched with most outfit. Besides, you have other white bags already, it's time to add another colour ;)
  3. Since you have so many white bags it sounds like you need some color in your collection. Go with the purple it will be great for Spring/Summer.

    Although, I personally LOVE the ivory. :drool:
  4. Oh that Cassis is so beautiful. Since you already have white bags maybe something different.
  5. Purple!
  6. honestly you can't go wrong with either the purple one was on display at my last store visit and it is beautiful
  7. Purple!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  8. I say purple too!
  9. I think purple seeing as you already own a couple of white bags. Epi is stylish and understated looking so I don't think the bag will go out of fashion.
    Alternatively if you decide to get the ivory I think it would look gorgeous with some grenade accessories - such as a cles attached. Love that colour on ivory bags.:yes:
  10. either....but I prefer purple
  11. i plan on getting the epi bowling pm in cassis!! go for it..
  12. I love the new purple, I saw it in Vegas and fell in love.
  13. Definitely get it in the Cassis colour. This colour is absolutely beautiful!
  14. I personally love purple and absolutely adore the Cassis! But if in the back of your mind you are worried about the color going out of style, then I'd go with the Ivory ~ which is timeless and much classier imo.
  15. Now I guess I am the dissenting voice.
    The purple is pretty, but is much trendier than the white (which is more creamy in color)
    The white you will have for forever the purple you will sell on e-bay next year.