Epi Black Speedy or Alma

  1. I'm totally undecided between the two shapes in Epi Black. I love the speedy, but I also own it in the cerises and the damier. To get another one, WHY? but i love that the epi black looks sophisticated yet can be thrown around (i have toddlers; sometimes i don't have time think where i'm throwing my bag at home.) I guess I'm more comfortable with the shape b/c it's habitual to carry the speedy around! creature comfort!

    I don't have the Alma in any pattern, but I wonder if it's too much black on my 5'4" frame or too cumbersome or too formal for everyday.

    I'm not interested in the other colors and definitely not the Jasmine shape in black.

    so could you ladies help me decide between the black epi speedy or the alma?
  2. I think the Alma looks BEST in Black Epi. I think it's the only Epi Color that works for the Alma, because the Alma's shape is so sophisticated and glamorous that the Black really brings out it's shape.

    so i say BLACK EPI ALMA!
  3. They are both gorgeous, but I would probably chose the Speedy for myself...I have 3 small children and it just looks more casual to me...don't get me wrong though, I would chose both if I could!
    I'm 5'5 and its large but holds sooooo much.
    I get complements whenever I use it.
    Its the classiest bag I own and the shape is timeless. I like the alma, but prefer the damier alma.
  5. I would love to get the epi speedy, it's gorgeous. How much are those?
  6. hey Ladies, i know the alma costs $1040 currently, but how much is the speedy 30? the 25 is $885. i didn't see 30 posted on elux to get a price.
  7. i believe its $935
  8. I would get the speedy. I don't like the shape of the alma that much. I had one and ended up selling it. Love the speedy though!
  9. Go with another Speedy for everyday use.
  10. THIS IS NOT AN EASY DECISION!! I'm leaning towards Speedy, but luckylacoste the alma in black is unique b/c of the shape and the texture the epi will add.
  11. I wouldn't be able to make up my mind, they are both so gorgeous.
  12. Absolutely agree!! I actually got the Black Epi Speedy and it was just 'blah'. It really did nothing for me and I quickly returned it. Then I saw a pic of Faith Hill carrying her Black Epi Alma bag with a simple white blouse and jeans and :heart: !! I couldn't pick up the phone fast enough. I also got the black strap to attach to it and I use that cross body style (messenger like) when I need my hands free. So 'ALMA' hands down (especially since you already have classic speedy's in cerise and damier). Alma is a classic too.
  13. You need to go to search and put in epi speedy 30. I got mine in january and it was 890.00. There has been an increase so I don't know? I have the gold hardware which I love, but the silver is just as wonderful.
  14. GOLDEN -
    Do you remember which issue of Vogue had the Faith hill photo? I'm curious to see it worn; i haven't been able to find any in the celebrity sticky or visual aids.
  15. I've heard ppl say that the Epi Speedy is more scratchproof.