Epi Black Speedy 30 vs. Damier Speedy 30

  1. Just curious, does anyone have both of these?

    Is there a size difference, like with the epi 25? Would you wear them in different situations or are they interchangeable? Is it pretty heavy? Can it double as a carryon?

    I have a Damier Speedy 30 but am trying to decide if I also want a big black epi speedy too, something pretty incognito for a handheld work bag. I already have a mono 25 and a red epi 25 speedy as well.

    I was thinking of getting a mono 35 at some point, but in my job I need to tone down the logos, so I was looking at the black epi speedy instead and saving the monogram stuff for when I'm older.

    Thanks in advance for any info!! :wlae:
  2. :goodpost::goodpost::goodpost:
    heheheeeeeeeeeee.... I have the same problemmmmmm....saturday Iam going to lv.. but stilll I can not decide... damier speedy 30 or black epi speedy 30... :jammin:
  3. I have a damier 30 which i love, the epi 30 is beautiful but seems bigger/bulkier as the damier.
  4. I like Epi better because of vachetta free and a side pocket for my cell ph.
  5. The epi is a tad bigger.

    However, I'm not a huge fan of the epi speedies--they are a bit stiffer and harder to get in to than the mono/damier. I had one and sold it because I was always scratching my hand trying to get in and out of it.

    What about an epi alma or passy?
  6. I have both and have to say I love my epi the most!~~~~It is beautiful and I always get comP:heart:lements. I probably use my Damier 30 more ofen-I work at a lab, but I love to use the epi.SO CLASSIC!!!!!!
  7. My vote is for the black Epi! :smile:
  8. Black Epi!! So classic and no worries with vachetta!!
  9. I love black epi, just afraid it might seem too bulky as I even find my new Damier 30 a bit bulky. Would be great for travel, though.
  10. I have both...they are the same size however the Epi is a stiffer because of the material. Mine has gold hardware and looks great...sort of like a doctor bag !!!
  11. I love the black epi speedy!
  12. I do not have a problem getting scratched with my 30 but it is a huge bag and my usual stuff rattles around inside. Literally. The cell phone in the hanging pocket bangs back and forth when I walk! Weight? I just weighed, monogram speedy 25 12 ounces, epi speedy 30 24 ounces. Still a very light bag and the damier ought to be lighter than the epi. Carryon? I counted five shirts and one magazine when I unstuffed the bag to weigh it. I wouldn't want to squish it into a compartment though. What about trying the red epi speedy for work a couple days and see how it feels? Agree about the passy or alma, might be good to look at as well. Passy can hold papers, don't think alma can. No, it can! Didn't try folders but a 1/2" stack fit in even could zip the bag.
  13. Wow, thanks! VERY helpful. I am just afraid this bag will be too bulky and heavy when full.
  14. I just bought the black epi alma last week and i have been hesitating between 30 epi speedy and alma.
    I am 5'6'', quite slim built but love big bags, although the speedy 30 looked BULKY!!! the alma is beautiful whether for work or for any other day...
  15. I really love them both and I would be in serious troubles if I should get one of these.. :p However, I think I would choose the Damier 30 and I would get something different in Epi, such as a Sac Plat or an Alma..or maybe a Speedy in red! :drool: