Epi black Speedy 30 or...25? Change or not the gift?


Mar 6, 2006
This morning I found under the tree the Speedy 30 epi black!!!
I'm very very happy because I desired It from a long time.
But after compared It with the other mine speedy 30 in monogram canvas, It's a little bit bigger (??)
Is It possible?
So now I'm indecided: change It or not with the 25 epi black? :confused1:

Pls could you help me in that big decision?

Do you think or not that the 25 is more cute?
Or the 30 is more classic?

I'm never seen the 25 epi black, someone has a picture wearing It?

Thanks thanks thanks:heart:



Nov 13, 2006
Yes the epi 30 is larger than the mono 30. I sent out a thread a few weeks ago about the epi speedy too. I also looked in the visuals thread searching for epi speedy. Also look in the clubhouse at the speedy gonzales club. At the time I came across one epi speedy 30 in the visual aids and the pfer was I think 5 foot 10 inches or something like that. It was a large bag but was fine on the tall pfer. The size of the epi speedy 25 is in between a mono 25 and mono 30. I don't know if the epi 30 is more classic or not, but unless you like large bags and carry a lot of stuff I suggest you go and exchange it for the epi 25 which is cuter.

Hope this helps!



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Nov 3, 2006
hi. i just got the myrtille epi 25. i posted pics in the visuals thread and there's a thread on here that i started about my lv collection with a pic of all 3 of my speedys in a row- mono 25, epi 25 and damier 30. the epi 25 is sized between the other 2. i do think it's a little small- esp comparing it to the damier 30 and the zippered opening is sort of tight. but it's really what you're comfortable with. why not take your speedy to lv and see irl which one you prefer?

i think either size is classic btw.