Epi black Speedy 30 or...25? Change or not the Christmas gift?


Mar 6, 2006
Sorry, yesterday I opened a thread in a wrong place.

I'm asking an advise to the PF Community: yesterday I found under the tree the Speedy 30 epi black!!!
I was so happy because I desired It from a long time.
But after compared It with the other mine speedy 30 in monogram canvas, It's a little bit bigger (??)
Is It possible?
So now I'm indecided: change It or not with the 25 epi black? :confused1:

Pls could you help me in that big decision?

Do you think or not that the 25 is more cute - even with the shoulder strap?
Or the 30 is more chic?

I'm never seen the 25 epi black, someone has a picture wearing It?

Tomorrow the LV Store will open and I really do not know what to do
Thanks thanks thanks:heart:

i think speedy epi is too big in 30...a 25 is just perfect cuz the epi leather makes the bag look bigger than it actually does with mono or damier canvas (those bags slouch and look smaller)....so 25 epi it is!!! :smile:
Thank you for answer me!
I was considering also that I'm 162 cm...so the 25 is better for me.
Do you think that the 25 could be nice with the shoulder strap?

The speedy doesn't come with a shoulder strap but there is a strap for the alma I think that could go on the speedy. A thread was sent out a few weeks ago about how people felt using one with the speedy.

I personally don't mind it. I'm not offended by the sight of someone using a shoulder strap to make the bag handsfree. However, the majority of people who replied to the thread thought a shoulder strap looks weird. Some people kept a shoulder strap in their speedy so that they had the option of making the bag handsfree when they needed both hands for other things, like taking care of kids or carrying shopping etc.

Hope this helps!

I have the 25 in black (but no pictures right now :sad:) and after deciding between the 25 and the 30 in the store, I have to say that the 30 is much too big. It's even bigger than the mono 30, IIRC, and you can fit so much in a 25 that I say go with the smaller one.
Thank you for your help.
I'm more oriented to the 25 now.
This morning I went to LV Shop and...no 25 Epi black in stock!:crybaby:
They ordered It from another shop in Italy, I hope to have It next week.

:heart: Melina