Epi black pont neuf pm or passy???

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need your help again... I'm getting an Epi black for an everyday work bag to take to the office. Can't decide between the Pont Neuf PM or Passy...

    Can you please give me your feedback in deciding which one to get...

    Thanking you....
  2. between the two, i like the pont neuf=)
  3. I like the Pont Neuf
  4. I love the Passy :biggrin:
  5. Passy.
  6. Thanks guys, does any one have these 2 bags and possibly a modelling one as well...
  7. Passy!
  8. Passy :drool::drool:
  9. Passy!
  10. Passy!!!
  11. I don't own either bag, but I have seen them irl. I like the Pont Neuf the best! Good luck with your decision!
  12. My vote goes to Pont Neuf
  13. Of your choices, I prefer passy. I've got Passy GM and it is an excellent work shoulder bag. GL deciding and post pics!
  14. Pont neuf! But it feels kinda heavy.
  15. Passy! I'm hoping this will be my next bag (in Ivorie) too.