Epi black Passy or Epi 25? Pls Help me choose!

  1. I need a black purse for work. Doesn't need to be too large, but large enough to hold a wallet, sunglass case, make-up case, keys, etc.
    Which one would you choose?
    I am going to a LV store on Friday.
  2. i say go for the speedy!!! plus, with the price difference, you can treat yourself to an accessory or two.
  3. Definitely the Passy - so classy and not often to see. I love it!
  4. I will go for Passy...
  5. I love the Passy........
  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    If I get a Passy, do you think it will be as versatile as a Speedy?
    Too difficult to decide!
  7. I had the same dilemna as you when I was choosing my first LV. I really loved the shape of the Passy, but the epi speedy really is something special!
    I have a very casual lifestyle so I went with the black speedy 25 because it is effortless casual, but if I need to step it up a notch, the epi speedy is already there!
  8. Another vote for Passy :smile: I get a little difficult to find my stuffs inside my Speedy 30, I can't imagine how difficult with Speedy 25 :p
  9. if you have a %80 casual style go for the speedy...
  10. Epi speedy 25 is really bigger than the canvas 25 (I have both). It holds a LOT, trust me. some people have trouble getting in and out of it, but I don't. I think the speedy shape would be more versatile and take you from weekday to weekend without a change! get the Speedy!!
  11. I say go for the speedy, it's a great bag.:tup:
  12. passy! so unique! and GORGEOUS!
  13. passy! it's gorgeous!
  14. I have both the Epi Passy (red) and the Epi Speedy 25 (black). I love and use the Epi Passy far more than the Speedy. Much easier to get in and out of, looks good without much stuff in it or it can hold quite a bit, I can fit my ever present steno pad in it (I am a compulsive list maker) and also other papers from work. The passy works well for both work and fun, although I think the red color makes it a little less formal than it would look in black. The Passy is the favorite and most used of my LV bags (epi speedy 25, damier speedy 30, BH, and MC Audra are my others).
  15. Go for the speedy!