Epi bags


Which epi bag do you like the best???

  1. Epi bowling pm

  2. Epi Jasmine

  3. Epi Speedy

  4. Do not go for epi go for mini lin......

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  1. Which do think looks the best of all these epi bags? Or if you have another suggestion would love to hear it...the lockit looks interesting as well....any cons to epi leather bags???
  2. That is a loaded question. I prefer:


    But that is just me =)
  3. Alma!!!!
  4. i love the epi speedy and i think it looks more classic than the bowling pm. it also fits alot more than the jasmin and can be casual or dressy depending on how you dress up/down. the epi leather bags are great and SO easy to care for. the only thing you should worry about is scuffing the edges and sometimes you may get creases in the leather after time. but i use leather moisturizer and it keeps it looking great! can't lose with the the epi speedy! :biggrin: can't wait to see what you decide on!

    oh and it doesn't sag like the mono/damier ones either!
  5. Speedy, Alma, and Lockit!
  6. I love teh speedy...I have one in black.
    I bought the Passy a few days ago and its great. You have to check it out in person..
  7. EPI speedy.
  8. Speedy and Alma!!
  9. I love the epi lockit and the alma - but they are not your list so I am probably no help.:rolleyes:
  10. i like the montaigne pm b/c it's a new style!
  11. I have a jasmin and LVOE it. I like the speedy, too (even though I am not a speedy gal). Have you considered the Epi Lockit?
  12. You cannot go wrong with epi in any style!
  13. Hmmm, I love epi, but my favorites are:

    Bowling GM
  14. out of the ones u listed i like the speedy best but what i really like is the epi petite noe =)
  15. Passy PM, Speedy, Alma (oops, seems like all are hand-carry bags) :amuse: