Epi Bags

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  1. I'm sure this is discussed somewhere--but I wasn't finding it in my searches--just found stufff on mono...

    Are Epi bags made ONLY in France? Are they made elsewhere like the mono bags?
  2. I have an epi wallet made in Spain, but I don't know about the bags...
  3. I think they are just like mono, could be made anywhere (u.s. spain, france)
  4. My madarine Jasmin and my red Speedy 25 were both made in France.
  5. My red Jasmin was made in France also.
  6. I've never seen EPI made in the US before, neither have I seen it made in Italy....( not many bags are made in Italy)

    personally I think it's harder to have the equipment that actually gives the leather the "EPI" texture so I guess it stays in France..?