Epi Bags, gold or paladium hardware, your preference?


What is your hardware preference on the epi speedy?

  1. gold hardware

  2. silver hardware

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  1. What do you prefer, the old style gold hardware, or the newer look with silver/paladium lock and hardware? I am getting a red epi speedy 25 next and buying it used off eBay. I am leaning towards the silver hardware since it's different and I already have two gold hardware speedy bags(mono speedy and damier speedy).

    If I go for the gold, lol, I will get it for much less, they are going for 400's-600 tops. If I go for the silver I suspect they will go for high 600-s to 700's. My budget is low $700's. Thanks for your input~
  2. I vote for the silver hardware on the epi bags. It looks younger and fresher IMO.
  3. I voted for the silver. I actually prefer silver over gold on just about anything.
  4. Thanks iluvhandbags! I am def. leaning towards silver, for the reasons you suggest. I just feel a little guilty about spending probably close to 200 more dollars bec. of the hardware color, lol. But I'm sure I'll get over it!
  5. thanks heatherhoney, we were posting at the same time!
  6. I'm more of a fan of silver hardware for some reason... so silver gets my vote.
  7. To me, it depends on the color of the bag....most of them look better with the silver though.
  8. I think it totally depends on the bag. I was thrilled when the black speedy debuted silver hardware and bought it right away, but then I searched for red and black pochettes with gold hardware. I wound up getting the last new red w/ gold in the US, and a vintage black pochette. I really wanted the gold on the smaller bags because I will use them more for evenings, but the silver on my speedy is very modern and not as blingy as the gold. So, it's really up to you and what you like!
  9. I'm loving the new silver hardware, especially with Ivoire and black.
  10. I usually like silver stuff, but for LV bags and especially epi in black and red I prefer gold
  11. I love the silver for all of them! Not really a fan of gold anything. Now I would hate silver on Mono bags lol but for epi for sure silver.
  12. I like the silver. I just purchased a red epi speedy 25 from elux. I should have it by tomorrow. I'll post pics when I get it. Good luck on you hunt.
  13. i love silver. it just looks good with the epi bags.
  14. i prefer silver...i never really liked gold hardware
  15. I would choose palladium only because it won't peel like gold does.