Epi & Azur - what colour combo would match?

  1. I just got an azur speedy 30 and thought I might get a matching pochette or shoulder bag to match. Now, the azur pochette would be an option, but I'm slightly scared this combo will be a bit too much azur for me. So, maybe an epi pochette would be a better choice, and I was thinking ivory or maybe vanilla (if it would be possible to find vanilla). Which epi would look best together with azur do you think? I love the ivory, but would prefer the hw to match, thats why I was thinking vanilla.

    Or maybe the new onatah in white - I haven't seen it irl yet, so I dont know if it's bright white or more of a creamy white... Hmmm....
  2. how about the combo in my avatar? The azur looks awesome with the epi ivorie.
  3. Wow, tr444 - they look great together! So fresh! Love the alma btw, such a cool & classic bag.
  4. vanilla Epi is definitely the perfect match to Azur. but you might also want to consider an indigo Vernis Lexington too.
  5. Thanks, great idea! I never thought about indigo - that would surely look amazing!
  6. yes indigo and azur are PERFECT for each other! i've seen some gals post combos of this and i just :drool: :nuts:
  7. I like pale color match so I would go for a matching ivory epi line with azur!
  8. what about red epi? It's a classy, true red. I love red and Azur combo, just to make the bag 'pop', kwim?
  9. I have a Azur speedy 25 and I am carrying my indigo ludlow with it. As well as a pomme agenda.
  10. Well, red epi would certainly look nice w/ azur - I have a red vernis cles that looks fab on the speedy.
  11. tr444's avatar combo is very nice!
  12. Indigo is fabulous with azur!
  13. Myrtille epi would match damier azur as well.
  14. Today I used my red Jasmin with the azur mini pochette inside. Cute combo!
  15. I think the red epi or Ivoire would look good!