epi...any new ones?

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  1. eventually i'll add an epi to my collection...since im sitting in my room, on a saturday afternoon..watching the grey clouds outside..thought of something..

    will there will be more epi colors coming out? i dont' like monogram...and u all know i love damier...i'm beginning to like epi too...i think...
  2. I was reading some other posts that there will be a white epi. Anxiously waiting!! ;)
  3. ^^^ You and me both!:yes:
  4. ^^^ really???
  5. Yes~ I would have to see it first though. I have the MC White Alma and Vanilla Soufflot...so I would really have to weigh if the white Epi would be needed. We shall see!;)
  6. but wouldn't the WHITE version look very...white? i hope the handles have no vachetta!! :oh:
  7. ^^^ Hmmmm good question. The Epi handles are made out of the same leather as the bag. So if it is REALLy white...it would probably get somewhat dirty from continued use. I wonder:confused1:
  8. This may be a bag that I wait and see...meaning wait and see what the bag will do over time before investing in it. :yes:
  9. ^^ any dates on when it will be released?
  10. Not sure...Called 866 and she stated "We do not have anything as of yet" ..Heard possibly April?
  11. ^^ yay!