EPI Alma

  1. Hi,
    I have a question about the Epi Alma, does anybody know what colours its available in this season. eLuxury has it in white(ivory) red and black, but i really want it in brown (mocha) or black with gold hardware. Ive also heard that it comes in a tan/camel colour called "channelle", is that true? Does anybody know?

  2. Yes, Epi Alma also released on Canelle. It released before White Ivoire. Mocha come with silver brash hardware and black old version come with gold hardware. It's so easy to find Black gold hardware on eBay in great price ;) but mocha is a little difficult to find on eBay and the price usually quite expensive.
  3. the cannelle is still in some stores. i've only seen the color on eBay twice. lv.com also has the red now.
  4. Mocha has been discontinued.
  5. Cannelle is discontinued too. And the Alma's have all silver hardware now. You can find one with golden hardware only "second hand".