Epi Alma..your thoughts?

  1. I never liked the alma style, but saw someone carrying this who is my size - around 5'1 and small - and it looked fabulous and chic on her. I have a speedy, clutches, the cabas piano, and don't really "need" a new purse right now like that but was planning on rewarding myself when I take the bar exam in July. I am looking at this and one of the keepalls for travel. I am wondering if you have it, love it/hate it, how versatile it is (in terms of wearing with jeans or sweats and then business clothing), how much it holds, and whether it is worth the big price jump. Usually, my max is around $800 so I am especially iffy (but will be making a good salary as an associate attorney soon). Thanks so much!
  2. I have the epi alma in black and think it is a fabulous bag. I do think it is a bit dressier though. However as an associate attorney I think that you'll get a lot of use out of it. Do get the extra strap so you can wear it over your shoulder, it makes it a lot easer. The only con I've found about the alma is that if I overstuff it the top deforms.

    What color were you thinking of....doesn't matter, they're all fabulous!
  3. I just received the Damier Alma and just love it. I'm a paralegal and it's perfect for work and trial. I think you will love the Epi one!
  4. I love the alma in black epi.....it's very chic!
  5. I think it has a beautiful shape to it! I'm sure it will look very pretty on you.
  6. I personally prefer the Passy or Madelaine to the Epi alma- it's a bit of an "older" bag IMO.
  7. I love my red epi Alma. It is especially striking when I wear head to toe black. It's a knockout and very versatile.
  8. I tried the black epi Alma and Speedy 30 on in the store a few days ago. I thought I wanted the Alma but after trying them both I think I am going to get the Speedy. Something about the silver zipper on the Alma bothered me. I was really surprised because I thought for sure the Alma would be my next bag. I :heart: this bag on other people.
  9. My thoughts on the Epi Alma is that it's absolutely beautiful!!:heart::heart::heart:
  10. I love the alma:tup:
  11. alma's great and congrats on becoming a associate attorney
  12. I was thinking either black or red..decisions, decisions! Maybe I will treat myself sooner than the bar exam..thanks, everyone!
  13. I am -- a 29 year old attorney
    Had my Alma -- for four years
    It was -- my gift to myself when I passed the bar
    I wear it with -- everything from jeans to suits
    I get -- complimented on it at least once a day when worn. (Even people who don't know it's an LV know there's "something" about that bag.)

    If you are definitely going to be be making money as an associate, the price is actually quite cheap for a quality leather bag. It's classy, versatile, and sytlish. Since you are taking the bar in July and you are going to practice as an attorney I don't think it's too "old." I wouldn't get it for an 18 year old. But anyone over the age of 22 can wear that bag and look tres chic! (I live in NYC, don't know if it's a regional thing about what looks "old.")
    My long but humble opinion. GET IT!!!:yes::yes::yes:

    (PS ~ When did they start using silver on Alma? My black Alma has the original bronze hardware.)
  14. I totally agree about the silver zipper! I have an older Alma (although she looks brand new!) with the gold zipper and she is gorgeous!
  15. Definately get it. It is absolutely chic!