Epi Alma or Epi Speedy

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  1. I am trying to decide on an everyday handbag and I am thinking about the about the alma or the speedy in black. Also someone mentioned a YSL muse. Please help.
  2. Hi Janicemph! I'd say get the epi alma. It's roomy and has the wonderful alcantara lining! Plus the alma shape is very classy, I think.
  3. If you dress pretty casual every day, then go for speedy. If you dress dressy/casual, then alma for SURE!!!
  4. I have the speedy monogram and I dress dressy/ casual. Great advice.

  5. The Speedy is cuter. :flowers:
  6. You just threw me a curve ball.
  7. I have black Epi speedy (the pic of it is my avatar!) and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I think it's both dressy and casual! I wear it with jeans to school and suits to work. I say get the Speedy!
  8. Get the Epi Speedy. It's very versatile, you can dress it up or down.
  9. I love them both, but I'd say the Alma. It's a more unique shape and I think the Alma looks best in the Epi.
  10. I have the alma in epi. I looked at the speedy, but liked the alma better because of it's stylish shape, and because I also found it easier to get in and out of.
  11. I love the Alma. Its a gorgeous classic shape and easy to get in and out of.
  12. my DH has me convinced that epi speedy's look like doctors bags. :smile: I say go for the alma. More dressy, but can still be casual and it's a perfect shape.
  13. alma. i have it in damier- love the shape, the roominess, everything. it's the perfect bag.
  14. The Alma is MUCH easier to get into... I had problems with my Alma strap unhooking because the leather was too rigid at first.

    In comparison, the Speedy is much stiffer and you can't just throw things in there -- you have to pry it open and place everything where you want it.

    I love both bags. I would hate to have to choose between the two.

  15. That's funny - because all of my friends call me "doctor" when I carry my Black Alma :biggrin:
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