Epi Alma or Damier Alma?

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  1. Okay, the bug has bitten me again! I've been VERY good since my last purchase in March....LOL.:yes:

    My husband insisted that I get an Alma to begin with but I was never fond of the bag before. He likes it and thinks I would look great with it. He also likes the fact that it's more professional and a great bag for me to take for meetings..etc. I told him if he wanted me to have it then he'd have to buy it because I was planning to purchase the Roxbury Drive or Damier Speedy for myself next. He said 'okay, will do this week!" LOL. I thought he wouldn't do it...lol. I usually purchase my own bags although he has purchased me bags on his own before as surprises.

    I don't like Alma really but I figure since he wants me to have it..I'll take it...lol. I think it's going to be one of my mothers day gifts:shrugs:. My husband says that the Alma is the best LV bag he's seen. He's very picky....lol. He has great style so I trust his opinions when it comes to fashion. He loves nice things for himself and for us (me and our boys). So although I didn't like the bag before..I went to take a look at them again and have decided that I maybe just don't like the Mono Alma.

    However, the Epi Alma and Damier Alma look nice to me. (My husband favors the Damier Alma btw).
    I just want to see which one you like better? Is the Epi difficult to care for? I'd also be interested in the Red Epi Leather one if that is the one I select.
    Just want opinions. You are always so helpful! TIA!:heart:
  2. I own both so this is very hard, but I would definitely go with Damier as she is more of an everyday kinda gal.
  3. I would go for the Damier Alma. It looks to classy and would be easier to coordinate with.
  4. I love my Alma. I have a black Epi Alma and I love her. I already had 3 damier bags when I got her and I specifically wanted something in Epi. I bet the damier will be beautiful. If you get her please post pictures. Come to think of it...I can't wait for Mother's Day to see what everyone gets!
  5. i think the epi alma would be amazing...in any color. it is so easy to maintain and will keep its shape forever. either way, you can't lose with the epi or the damier. :biggrin: enjoy your present!
  6. I had the same debate and decided the EPI would be better as a classic long term bag. The red is a delicious color and looks so good on the epi! Can't lose either way.
  7. I'm partial the epi alma myself! I do like it in damier too though, but prefer the damier speedy 30 over the damier alma. I hope to get the black epi alma at the end of the summer.
  8. Definetely the epi alma. It looks so classy especially in black.
  9. I love the damier alma!
  10. an epi alma is so very classy. get epi!!
  11. I love the Damier alma -- love the Damier pattern, the colors looks classic and will go with anything, and the Alma shape is so great!
  12. totally agree with this :yes:
  13. I love both the black epi alma and the damier alma.
  14. i like both but i only have the damier. it's a lovely bag. i hope owning an alma changes your mind about it. it's really a great addition to your bag collection.
  15. :hrmm:

    I'm gonna have to go with the Damier Alma... I have a thing for Damier Canvas now! :drool:

    Good luck with your decision. ;)