Epi Alma BB VS Epi Neverfull

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  1. Hi! I'm going to buy a new bag and I'd like a nice everyday bag in epi leather. What do you think about Alma BB and Neverfull?
  2. I have alma bb in epi noir. Even though I do not use it often, I really like this bag. I too also considered the neverfull mm in epi, but essentially decided against it. Glad I went with mono in neverfull.
  3. how much do you carry? is alma big enough for you?

    neverfull monogram and epi really are like 2 different bags, while forother bags, although in different material, I still consider the same bag
  4. Both are gorgeous classics. I have several Alma BB's and my Epi Alma BB is a favorite bag of mine. It fits my daily essentials, can be dressed up or down and is great as a cross body or worn on the shoulder. For me, it's a must- have, are you looking for a purse or a tote? While Epi NF can be used as a daily bag, to me it's more of a tote. I don't think you can go wrong with either of these bags. Buy the one that best fits your current needs. Good luck choosing!
  5. Thanks! I have two little children, so I think Epi Neverfull could be usefull! Is she a lightweight bag?
    I also like small crossbody bag, so also Alma BB is tempting me. :smile:
  6. If you're planning to use the NF as a tote/ bag for when you're out with your small children, I think I'd opt for DE or Monogram, or even Mon Monogram. I think Alma BB is a gorgeous, versatile, classic small bag, especially n Epi leather! Both have a place in one's LV collection, so again, buy the one you end most currently, then add the other when you're able.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Epi is a bit on the heavier side, especially with a large bag like the Neverfull - I'd much rather recommend getting it in canvas (for example Damier Ebene which is totally worry-free and works for all weather). With Alma BB that's a different story, as it is a small bag the weight is not a problem and looks absolutely gorgeous in epi. So if your heart is set on the epi line, my vote goes to Alma BB, as it is a beautiful classic!
  9. You are looking at two very different bags. Will this bag be your most used bag? How much stuff do you need to carry around in your bag during the day? The Alma BB isn't going to fit a whole lot and the Neverfull fits your family and the dog too :smile: Alma is shaped wider at the bottom and very narrow/flat on the top so filling it too much makes the zipper crook when zipped. But if you don't need to carry that much stuff then the size propably isn't the most important thing.

    How would you like to carry the bag? Would you hang it on your arm or your shoulder and do you think you would need to carry it "hands free" eg with a long strap on your shoulder or crossbody? Alma has small handles and a shoulder strap and Neverfull has only the handles. You need the strap to carry the Alma on your shoulder. Neverfull is quite large bag and I usually see it carried on the shoulder rather than on the crook of the arm. Especially if you want an Epi Neverfull which isn't the lightest bag. You mentioned you have small kids so a large bag like Neverfull might be a problem if you can't carry it hands free.

    As for the material, my love goes to the Epi leather. My black Epi Alma turned 19 two months ago and has kept it's shape and color very well. Of course the surface has some minor scuffs but you need to look very closely to notice them. Canvas is durable too but Epi takes the win.
  10. Épi is wonderful! :smile:
    I would pick the Alma BB over the NF just because it's a nicer bag. But in the end, it depends if you need a big tote or a smaller handbag.