epi = all weather bag???

  1. can someone let me know if epi is a good all weather bag? can i use it in rain, or snow?!?!?!

    Also, if someone owns an epi that's in a colder climate can you let me know if you had any trouble using it during cold weather?

    I am looking for an all weather bag and I don't really like damier (as many know) and I woke up this morning with this brilliant idea :idea: of using epi as an all season bag...why didn't I think of this before:noggin: !

    also, what would epi styles would you suggest to use for an everday bag?? the styles I like are soufflot, jasmin, and alma (only in black though...that was hot!)....
  2. can't tell you about snow, but my epi petit noe is just fine with water, that leather is not porous at all, everything just wipes right off it. it's a pretty hardy leather..
  3. Yup its all weather bag..! I live in a place that has tons of snow and my epi is doing fine! Dont worry!
  4. great all weather bag. I use mine in the rain or snow with no problems.
  5. I belive it is. I use my Jasmin in the rain (the very few times it does that here) and it always comes out perfectly unscathed. The water just rolls off of it.
  6. i own 4 epis and they hold up in perfect form + condition every single day. i've had some that are about 12 years old and still look brand new! you just wipe them off if they get in the rain and i'm sure snow won't be a problem either.
  7. oh i see... look very great for epi material... em.... i think petit noe is the all day used bag, can be hand held (if the handle make it short) and wear it on shoulder or can be decorated with LV scarf too... roomy spaces inside... nice bag ! i love it !
  8. I just bought an epi speedy 25 in black (YESTERDAY!!! YAY!!!) and I brought it to the wedding and party last night where i proceded to put it on the floor, spill a tad bit of champagne, a splash of red wine and sit in a room of ciggarette smoke and to my surprise... she can be wiped off and is as good as new! seriously! why did i wait this long for an all purpose gorgeou bag like this!!! i love her! what a gorgeous trooper!
  9. Well Jill, I've taken my Jasmin out when it's 30 degrees celcius below zero in Calgary with the snow blowing like crazy outside and I've had no troubles :smile:
  10. I carried my Passy in the rain the past several weeks and no probs at all. Rain just wipes right off!
  11. Yes, the material is good for all seasn :smile:
  12. I am looking forward to buying a ivory EPI purse, can anybody tell whether it is easy to maintain clean? Thanks.
  13. I vote for Jasmin!
  14. I think yes :smile: but be careful with the edge or corner, it easily get rub. Soufflot, Jasmin and Alma are my fave, I prefer Soufflot :love:
  15. yay you got it!! :yahoo:

    yeah, all of my epi bags are my rainy day bags ... they hold up fabulously.