Epi agendas..which interior is right?

  1. I saw many epi agendas on ebay...some have black interior, other have the interior matching with the front (e.g. red agenda with red interior)..
    which one is correct?:confused1:
  2. My epi pieces have the same color interior, usually in a cross grain leather......maybe this was different with older accessories I'm not sure as all my epi accessories are from more recent collections...
  3. Yes, same interior color, usually cross grain, but sometimes smooth leather. Moka is smooth, for instance. :smile: I am not sure if some of the older ones can/should have a black interior???
  4. Maybe you should just pick the two different ones and have Addy or Lee authenticate it in the Authenticate this LV forum.
  5. ^^^
    Yes, do have it authenticated :yes:

    And as for the different colors, LV did do some Epi pieces with different colors (red/black, blue/green, etc) at one point (1995-96, I think), so it could well be one from that "line", but do have it authenticated regardless.
  6. I have a Vintage Toledo Blue Agenda and the interior is black cross-grain leather.

    Make sure you get any item authenticated before bidding!