epce only printable once?

  1. so has anyone else been able to print theirs out more than once? ive been able to print mine more than once and i cant think of a way they could make it only printable once. do u guys think they were just writing that to deter us from trying to print it again and use it again?
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    Yep, I just noticed that as well. It allowed me to print it again this morning (Used it last night at the boutique), but then AFTER it printed, the screen that was displayed said "this offer cannot be reprinted".....oh well, their problem not mine that it allowed me to print it twice.

    I was originally hoping that I could take it to Nordstrom to see if they would do a price-match (as some other TPF'ers said they were able to do) because I wanted to buy the Ocelot Sabrina which apparently it a dept. store exclusive, (but I ended up calling JAX this morning and was able to order the Ocelot Hailey (which was my first choice over the Sabrina)), so now I don't really need it.

    Now, if only the boutique will give me a price adjustment on the stuff I just ordered from JAX since the boutique SA said last night the Ocelot Hailey wasn't orderable (ditto for the Sm. Crimson Patent Sophia which JAX ordered for me no problem...).

    I swear, the order/tracking system used by the boutiques really frustrates me!!! <sorry-rant over>