Eole & Pegase owners, please help me!


Which one is better?

  1. Damier Eole 50

  2. Monogram Eole 50

  3. Pegase 50

  4. Pegase 60

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  1. I'm still debating which one I should get. I hope you can give me more details info about those luggages before I can decide. First of all, I am a bit worry about the aircraft carry-on dimensions (22x14x9). Anyone has ever take these with you recently? :confused1:

    Damier Eole 50 (19.7x12.2x11)
    Monogram Eole 50 (19.7x12.6x11.8)
    Pegase 50 (19.7x14.1x7.1)
    Pegase 60 (22.2x14.5x7.3)

    Do you know approx. how heavy they are? Or which one is lighter? There's no LV boutique around me, so I can't really compare them IRL. :shame:

    I noticed there's no "feet" on the side of the Damier Canvas Eole 50 as I can see from the LV website, but in Pinkcaviar's earlier post, her Damier Eole 50 has those "feet", just like those from Eole 60. Can someone help me to check that out? Is there a mistake in the website? :sweatdrop:

    In general, which line will go better with Eole + my LV handbags? :p
    Monogram Ellipse PM + Monogram Eole 50
    Damier Chelsea + Damier Eole 50

    Thanks for your help! ;)
  2. the damier eole and the mono one have very different shapes...I find the damier shape more to my liking and it seems to have more usable space at least to me...it really depends what you are doing with it...for hardcore travel I really dont think any eole has enough space...so it would be pegase all the way there...
  3. Anyone can give me some more info? PLEASE!!!:tender:
  4. I could only speak for the Eole 50. It's great as a carry-on inside the cabin and fits perfectly in the overhead bin. The wheels glide like a dream. It holds a lot especially if the clothes are rolled instead of folded. It is quite heavy and I think this is because of the mechanism. Hope this helps. GoodLVck!!!
  5. I voted for the Damier Eole....I want one sooooo bad!!!! lol
  6. I would do the pegase. The eole is great but its an over priced keepall... the damier is cool but I am not a fan of the flaps and its a pain in the add to get in and out of (not that you constantly open your luggage but I still think about it) I think the best bet is the pegase 60, it can go on the plane, holds a lot if you know how to fold your clothes properly and I think over all its the best lookin, I like its structured shape and it looks sleek
  7. Oh my...it's still a tie between Damier Eole & Pegase 60. This is so hard to pick. :hysteric:

    Ok, who know which one is lighter (weight) among these 2 ?
  8. Pegase is lighter, I was told the Eole with nothing in it (damier) is about 20 lbs.
  9. Wow...is that really?!?! Thanks Mattd. This info. is really helpful. You know, carry-on item has a max. of 22lbs. I had a hard time once before that they actually weight my carry-on again at the gate. Even my handbag is almost empty & I put most of the stuffs, especially my laptop in my trolley, but they still asked me to move things over. Just so stupid.
  10. I have the Eole 50 and it's perfect for a carryon. It's slightly heavier however with the wheels, it's not an issue.
  11. I have a Pegase 60 great case!
  12. If you travel a lot internationally, stick to the Pegase because its weighs less. Most airlines cap their international carry-on weight between 15-25 pounds. The Eole weighs a good 12 lbs. with nothing in it. You would have so much extra room in you case 3-13 lbs. of stuff isn't very much. Also, my mom, who owns a Damier Eole, has told me that she has had issues with the Eole being snug in some aircrafts' overhead bins, mainly the A319/320, B767, and MD80. She says it takes some umph to get it in sometimes, but it will fit.

    I as much as I travel with my Pegase, I still like the Keepall because it is light weight and it fits into the overheads with room to spare. The only down side is that it doesn't have wheels.
  13. I have carried my Damier Pegase 50 on TransPac flights several times a year internationally. I wish I had gotten the 60.
  14. My vote goes to Pegase 60.
  15. The eole is bullky and impractical iMO