Eole 60 - as a carry-on???

  1. Okay, so I know it's listed as "Cabin-sized" on vuitton.com, BUT has anyone actually used their Eole 60 as a carry-on?? After reading everything bad about checking my luggage I would hate to have something happen to it as this is the first time I will be traveling with it! I am so confused as to what to do... Please help!!!
  2. I think the 60 should be okie... but not 100% sure though
  3. I think 55 is the cut off... no?
  4. well I have the pegase 60 and it's the max carry-on size for most flights.
  5. eole is too big:tdown: - unless u are travelling first class/business. u will have to check it in. :push:to check with the exact size- log into the airline and go under luggage- it will tell u hwo many and give u specs on all the sizes and also weight allowances.

    this is why i didnt buy it- i know that lv can take the abuse- its what the original bags where made and designed for---"travel" bags- but i just cant bear to check them in. i received 2 luggage peices and returned them for something else in the past- then the eole came out last yr and i really pondered over it... but it doesnt fit! not even the 50- unless u r travelling first class..... i use my speedy 40 and another handbag... i also used my mezzo alto and that is big too. but squishable. goodluck!
  6. It really depends which airlines & how strict they are. I was eyeing the Eole earlier, but I didn't want to have it ended up at the belt, so I decided not to get it. Last time when my husband travelled, he got picked up to have his carry-on weighted twice, once when he's at the check-in counter & once at the gate just before he got on the plane. It's odd & he was only flying within Canada (with WestJet).:shrugs:
  7. ^^^ in my experience- they r getting stricter.
  8. Thanks for everyone's input - I think I'm gonna try to take it as a carry-on, and if I can't then I guess I will have to check it - I am so nervous though!
  9. from my understandding 55 is the absolute cut off
  10. I wouldn't risk it, not for anything. 55 is the cut-off for most airlines and all it takes is the wrong person making the decision and your gorgeous and very expensive bag is going to be thrown around like a K-mart bag by baggage handlers who don't care. If you do check it, I would purchase additional insurance. If it's lost, stolen, or ruined, the only amount they will give you otherwise is $300.

    I just wouldn't do it at all personally. The last time I had an airline lose a bag, it was a terrible headache. Took months to get reimbursed a fraction of what the bag and contents were worth, and only after huge red tape and hassle. I would never, ever, check anything that I wasn't worried about getting lost, stolen, or ruined.
  11. just an update... you CAN take the Eole 60 as a carry-on. I took mine and had NO problem! Thank you all for your advice/input!
  12. The SAs at my store told me in no uncertain terms that 60 is TOO BIG to carry on. That's the only reason I got the 50 instead.
  13. That's a shame because I had NO problem taking it on the plane. It fit in the overhead area just fine. I'm actually very glad I got it because I was able to fit everything I needed to bring into it and not have to worry about checking it.
  14. 60 is way too big to carry on
  15. That's great they let you take, was it completely full or was there still empty room in it. According to the dimensions supplied by Vuitton, the Eole 60 is considered too big to carry on.