Eole 50 - for carry on yay or nay

Oct 1, 2010
i need to make a decision tonight. I have an opportunity to buy the de eole 50 in gently used condition. I haven't seen it in person. Anyone own this or can post photos with the bag?

I'm afraid it will be too heavy or tip a lot? I travel all the time for work and am looking for something that will hold my laptop and a few items. Keepall 45 I absolutely hated because it was soooo heavy for me. I thought this would be a nice alternative. Thoughts and advice about this bag is appreciated!!!:smile:


Aug 3, 2014
It's pretty heavy (because of the wheels and structure). It's not my favorite... Also some airlines will do gate check for this item (be aware).

I understand your annoyance with carrying the Keepall and your interest in a rolling carry on though!

Good luck deciding!