Enzo Maylies: any1 have them?

  1. hey ladies
    not sure if you guys know the Enzo maylie shoe...see pix below..do u think it's a yay or nay?? also....any1 have them? how's the comfort? i'm deciding if i should keep it or not..thx

  2. I have this shoe is 5 different colors. LOVE THEM. I went up a 1/2 size. I can wear them all day with no problem. I did try on the black patent and they were true to size. Have not tried the black leather.
  3. I have this exact shoe in the black leather as pictured, bought it from Macys about a year ago. I love it! Although I've only had a chance to wear it 3-4 times. Comfort was the same as any other shoe of this height, didn't bother me.

    I also found the front toe part stretched quite a bit and made my toes more comfortable after a couple of wears.
  4. I have the black leather. I LOVE these shoes. They are my higher summer work heels. I've worn them two times a week all summer, they're great.
  5. oh good...did you ladies get them in larger size or is it the rite size as usual? thx
  6. i got mine true to size.
  7. these are gorgeous i saw them in person. i think i might get them also!