envy girls

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I would like to know If you made bad experiences with envy people. I`ve learned that I´ts not so simple in life especially to carry expensive bags to school or to work if there are other girls who haven`t the money to buy expensive things. Envy girls can really really hurt your fellings :sad2:

    so pls, tell me your experiences so I probably don`t feel that I`m the only person in the world with this problem !!!!

    Ps: sorry for my bad english
  2. My co-worker hates it when I dress better than she is.
  3. Just knwo that the envy girls secretly want to be you! really! :amuse:
    i personally dont have much expensive bags but my boyfriend got teased when he wore his LV messenger to class. But if someone is actually "mean", then that just shows their true crappy side i think. Dont feel bad about wearing ur beautiful bags!
  4. I know what it means being envied. People can get really mean.
    That's what I do: I'm trying to adapt! So for example if I go to work I don't wear any bags that one can identify as an expensive designer bag for example LV monogram bags.
    And when I go out with some of my girls that earn not that much money I also wear something low-key. Why should I provoke their envy?
    They feel good, I feel good and everyone is happy!

    But that's only my opinion!
  5. I don't think anybody envies me! This has never come up, for me.
  6. There have been times when people have envied my bags. Some people have even called me bags fakes when they knew they weren't. I didn't let it bother me, though. I carry my purses where ever I go, unless it's a bag area. If they can't deal with it, it's their problem. They have to learn to deal with it. I see almost as if someone has a very expensive piece of jewelry. You can't exspect them not to wear it just because one or two people are envious. I say wear what makes you happy. People are always going to have a reason to be envious because they're insecure with themselves.
  7. I think it is worse when that person is a friend.I had a friend that who would always make comments about my clothes, bags, and wallets. She would even say stuff about my relationship with my boyfriend. But I realized that it was because she had low self esteem and had to say something about everyone to make herself feel better about herself. It's sad, really. After a couple years, our friendship got torn apart because of her insecurities, but I think it's better to stay away from "friends" that make you bad about yourself anyways.
  8. aww, envy girls are the worst. personally i haven't had an experience with someone putting down what i have or wear but maybe if i went to a normal school that would happen. don't let these people make you feel bad just because they don't have what you do!
  9. I've had experiences like that but mostly at shopping malls. I once heard these girls making a comment about my LV. One of them said " it's probably fake because she's Asian, they all carry fake LVs !!! Idiots!!!:lol:
  10. i remember the first day i took my dior tote to school...i was forced to put it on the floor because my professor told me to take if off the desk...anyways, as one of the girls walked out of the classroom she pushed my bag away with her foot...im not sure if it was done on purpose but it sure did seem like it was...because she had to make an effort to get to it
  11. Awwww, I had the same type of "friend." Actually several, and one that I dislike vehemently because she told me that I was stupid to carry an LV tote to class. She actually told me that people would hate me for it. Excuse me?!? Who the hell cares? Needless to say, I don't talk to that chick anymore.

    I don't ever talk about my designer fashion and accessories; it's always the "envy friends" that bring it up in the first place and make obnoxious comments. Why the hell are they trying to provoke us? We have done nothing to them except be their good friend.

    Ahh, insecure girls.:huh:
  12. Seriously! I was nothing but good to her, and when I messed up I would apologize but she would still do such petty things. Funny, but whatever. I think everyone has a "friend" like that until it's just enough and it's like...you're are TOO annoying, please, just go away.

    To hell with those kinds of people!
  13. I couldn't have said it better. I do think it is harder when it comes from a supposed friend because you don't really expect it. Try to keep in perspective if someone has to try to tear you down in any way, then they themselves have self esteem issues. Envy isn't pretty:evil: V
  14. Most of the time with me it's boys who ask me if my stuff is real... Oh boys, they don't know anything. I guess another thing is that I don't really have a lot of girl friends so it's ok. I don't have a lot of envy girls around me that I care about.
  15. I guess I had that experience with one girl at school too, but the truth is I found out she was just feeling very insecure. I think people like that are actually quite weak inside, therefore they have to put down other people to feel better about themselves. I don't get mad about it anymore instead I feel sad for her. I mean everyone has a different background. Some are more well off than the other and not everyone is able to get whatever they want, you don't have to be friend with her/whoever that put you down ( because it's wrong what they did to you) but just don't let it get to you, I am sure she is hurting you at the sametime she is also hurting herself as well.