Environmental Issue: Excess Packaging

  1. So I received a lush bath bomb as a gift and wanted to go to their website to find the scent.

    On their website I found a link to a documentary called 'Packaging is Rubbish' which was done by one of the Lush co-founders. It's about 25 minutes long so you don't have to watch the whole thing,but I highly recommend catching some of it if you can. It is very interesting and I think that people at least need to be aware of the issue in lieu of all of the bottled water rebellion lately.


    To me packaging really is a necessary evil, yet like in the documentary there are numerous cases where it is just excessively done. Recycling is a great option but it isn't made widely convenient for lots of people yet.

    If you think about it, packaging makes up a large amount of the trash we throw away on a daily basis. It is good to give a thought to how we can minimize it.
  2. yeah, yikes...
  3. ITA. I think it is such an easy change that companies can make to help the environment. And this is coming from someone who works in advertising, design, and yes, sometimes even packaging.
  4. Alright, didn't watch the video, but one of my pet peeves is when you get a package in the mail and it is so ridiculously overkill. I won a free lip tint recently, and got this big box in the mail. I had no idea what it was at first, as the box was fairly large (just a little shorter in length than a shoe box). I open it, and it's filled with those packing peanuts and some papers, and then this tiny little box is inside that contained the tub of lip stuff. I was ticked off! They could have dropped it into a shipping envelope or something way smaller. It wasn't something that had to be protected by a bunch of styrofoam, either. :cursing: What a waste.
  5. ^ Yep, that's horrible. I just bought "the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook" that gives you 77 ways to help. This was mentioned in the book. It's rediculous.
  6. UGH, over-packaging is one of my pet peeves!! I mean it's unneccessary, annoying, and wasteful!! We don't need to tear through 6 layers of cardboard, plastic, etc. just to get to something! What happened to being simple?
  7. i hate over packaged stuff. esp at the supermarket, if you buy fruit or veg you have to put it in plastic bags, id rather go to a local fruit shop where they put in paper bags.
    i was in a store the other day and i carry a reusable shopping bag with me all the time, when i paid the girl went to put it in a bag and i said it was OK i had a bag for it and she looked at me like i was nuts. then told me security might think i was shop lifting- HELLO, id payed and had a receipt.
  8. I haven't watched the documentary either but I too DETEST those styrofoam peanuts. What a nightmare to gather up and get rid of, plus all the static cling they cause...

    I love the inflatable plastic linked up balloons. Just pop and you're done!

    Yeah, it's a fine line between packaging properly and what's too much and what's bad for the environment. Ever get something NOT packaged properly that was damaged on delivery? Sometimes shippers go into overkill mode as a result with too much on the flip side. Believe me, after 5 years in the import/export business a few years back I've seen it all with condition of goods upon arrival, good bad and ugly.
  9. It has become such a large industry that today, those who have wondered if the Tylenol poisoner may have been the result of a brilliant business decision may not be dismissed as "tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists" as immediately as was the case shortly after the incident, before the industry had grown into such a megalith that even with the production time companies lose - (just think of all the time you spend wrestling with "bubble" plastic, for instance - whether at home or at the office) packaging has become so profitable that they still come out ahead!

    Excess packaging means more dollars out of many pockets - and more dollars into a few, making it a terrific match for larger economic trends!