Environmental Cause

  1. I thought that rather than signing this and then forwarding it solely to my limited email list that I would post it here for those interested in signing and forwarding to their lists. I hope that's okay:

    This call to action spoke to me deeply and so felt compelled to do my part by spreading the word. And, so that you know that this isn't a hoax or something that isn't really "important", I took the liberty to do some research and found that yes, it is a real matter and it is a real threat to the people and land in Chile and most of all to the balance of water and land on the earth. Its time that all of us take a small part in not letting big business overrun the vital importance of keeping the health of our world intact. Please take a moment to do your own research, or if you would just like validation on this being a real threat, visit this website that I found, http://www.miningwatch.ca/index.php?/257/Barrick_opposition

    Then sign the petition and send it to everyone so we can raise awareness on this issue. If anything, because its important to me. :smile:
    Thanks for your time.

    In the Valle de San Felix, the purest water in Chile
    runs from 2 rivers, fed by 2 glaciers.
    Water is a most precious resource, and wars will be
    fought for it. Indigenous farmers use the water, there is no
    unemployment, and they provide the second largest
    source of income for the area.
    Under the glaciers has been found a huge deposit of
    gold, silver and other minerals. To get at these, it
    would be necessary to break, to destroy
    the glaciers - something never conceived of in the
    history of the world - and to make 2 huge holes,
    each as big as a whole mountain, one for extraction
    and one for the mine's rubbish tip.

    The project is called PASCUA LAMA. The company is
    called Barrick Gold.
    The operation is planned by a multi-national
    company, one of whose members is George Bush Senior.
    The Chilean Government has approved the project to
    start this year, 2006.
    The only reason it hasn't started yet is because the
    farmers have got a temporary stay of execution.
    If they destroy the glaciers, they will not just
    destroy the source of specially pure water, but they
    will permanently contaminate the 2 rivers so
    they will never again be fit for human or animal
    consumption because of the use of cyanide and
    sulphuric acid in the extraction process.
    Every last gramme of gold will go abroad to the
    multinational company and not one will be left with
    the people whose land it is. They will only
    be left with the poisoned water and the resulting

    The farmers have been fighting a long time for their
    land, but have been forbidden to make a TV appeal by
    a ban from the Ministry of the Interior.
    Their only hope now of putting brakes on this
    project is to get help from international justice.
    The world must know what is happening in Chile. The
    only place to start changing the world is from here.
    We ask you to circulate this message amongst your
    friends in the following way. Please copy this text,
    paste it into a new email adding your
    signature and send it to everyone in your address
    book. Please will the 100th person to receive and
    sign >the petition send it to noapascualama@yahoo.ca
    to be forwarded to the Chilean government.
    No to Pascua Lama Open-cast mine in the Andean
    Cordillera on the Chilean-Argentine frontier.

    We ask the Chilean Government not to authorize the
    Pascua Lama project to protect the whole of 3
    glaciers, the purity of the water of the San Felix
    Valley and El Transito, the quality of the
    agricultural land of the region of Atacama, the
    quality of life of the Diaguita people and of the
    whole population of the region.

    Signature, City, Country

    1) Katharine Proudfoot, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    2) Laura Cole, London, UK
    3) David Platt, London, UK
    4) Diane Platt, Manchester, UK
    5) Tanya Corker, Manchester, UK
    6) Claire Colvine, Liverpool, UK.
    7) Charles Williams, Liverpool, UK
    8) Mary Williams, Manchester, UK
    9)Sarah Wettenhall, Melbourne, Australia
    10] Mary Moore, Healesville, Australia
    11) Jocelyn Harvey, Madrid, Spain
    12) Michelle Campbell, Vancouver, Canada
    13) Lynn Irving, Westport, NZ
    14) Glenn Irving, Westport, NZ
    15) Kate Dermer, Raglan, NZ
    16) Joanna McKay, Raglan, NZ
    17). Anna Bartlett, palma, spain.
    18) Hamish Moeller, Taupo, NZ
    19) andreas eggmann, chamonix, france
    20)jackie keeble, Mount Maunganui, NZ.
    21)Simon Fritchley, Mount Maunganui, NZ.
    22)Abi Cross, Plymouth, UK
    23) Kirsteen Ruffell, London UK
    24)Jan Harper-Whale, Isle of Wight UK
    25)WindRose Morris, Cornwall UK
    26)Gavin Rhodes, Dublin, Ireland
    27)Amelia Dubieniec, Devon,UK
    28) Susan Ford, Devon, UK
    29) Jo Wace, Brighton, UK
    30) Clare Eddison, Brighton, UK
    31) Mireille van der Plas, Amsterdam, The
    32)Sarah Green-Bristol, UK
    33) Bekleen Leong, London, UK
    34) Rix Pyke, London, UK
    34) Ruth Thomson , London. UK
    35) Robin Alexander Hyatt, North Carolina, USA
    36) Sabrina M. Reisinger, Tallahassee, FL USA
    37) Marisol Chancos Mendoza, Ayacucho, Peru
    38) Alicia Bargh, Charlottesville, VA USA
    39)Ellen Luksch, Charlottesville, VA USA
    39) Sandra Pelletier, Lousia, VA USA
    40) Kathleen Maier, Charlottesville, VA USA
    41) Chin Velasquez, Goshen, VA USA
    42) Raleigh MAson, GOshen, VA USA
    43) Jamie Anderson Columbia Falls, MT, USA
    44)Heide Provencher, USA
    45)Amy Brown, Girdwood, AK USA
    50) Ruth Rosewarne, Anchorage, AK USA
    51) Kenneth Hart, Long Valley, NJ, USA
    52) Sharon Dolin, New York, NY, USA

    53)Susan Gray, New York, NY USA