Environ skincare line

  1. I recently started using Environ products. The line was recommended to me by my esthetician (sp?). I tried some samples and really liked it so took the plunge and of course bought no less than 7 products! I'm sure there will be more to come!
    Anyway I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Environ, and any experiences pro or con. Just curious... so far, my dry skin is very happy and I'm hoping its not just the "change of products" phenomenon.
  2. Hi I have been using Environ for a few years now. I have tried a few different items from the range but really only stick to the moisturisers which I love. I am going to try the eye cream though which I've heard good things about. I use the Day and the Night Ultra moisturisers.I find you only have to use a little or else you get through it too quickly and you don't need anymore than that.:smile:
  3. oh I'm going to give that line a try!