Envelope WOC or Sevruga WOC??

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  1. Hey guys, if you had a choice which bag would u purchase? I just received a black sevruga WOC but thinking about getting an envelope. I am concerned about quality issues wiht the sevruga. I do love the way it looks though. And do you thinnk the envelope still looks good in SHW or does it look better in GHW?
  2. I would go for the Envelope in GHW! Thinking about getting one for myself too.
  3. what does the envelope look like?

  4. i WAS thinkign the same, and now thinking about keeping the sevruga with SHW and that way I'll have 2 WOCs one with silver and one with gold!! AHHH this will be my 4th chanel purchase in 2 months!!!
  5. riana envelope.jpg
  6. Ah, I kinda like the envelope in other colors instead of black.
  7. I'm returning my sevruga for the caviar envelope. I'm finally happy with my decision.
  8. Envelope for sure! :tup: I read somewhere that a few members were disappointed with the quality of their Sevruga WOCs.
  9. ^that's right... initially, i preferred sevruga for the metal CC's. thought it looks more classic, improved version of the timeless envelope, which i preferred more than stitched CC's... then enter quality issues... major halt :shocked:! hence, envelope wins! i like the dark beige most for its vintage feel :smile:
  10. hihi where did you get the link from? quite a comprehensive of pretty WOCs!
  11. I have the envelope in black and I love it..
  12. I've PMed you.
  13. thanks for the pic! the gold envelope is gorgeous! I wonder if it is still available??
  14. Are you referring to the link I posted? I have the SA contacts but I'm not too sure if I should put it out here openly. Do you want it?

    That's why I PMed valerie_hh.

    I personally did not have too good an experience with this SA.
    Another TPFer also didn't have good experience. But if you're ok, I can pass to you to contact this SA.

    I guess it really depends on individual. I suppose it may be easier communication wise since you're in the States compared to me who has to call overseas.