Envelope Pouch

  1. Does anyone know how much the envelope is going to go for? Also, do we know when it'll be in the stores?
  2. I think I remember someone saying $400 in stores Feb 1st.
  3. $390 for the Enveloppe Plate (Envelop Pouch). Will be released February 1st.
  4. Yeah..$390-$400 depending on if it will endure a price increase (since we're still iffy on that).
  5. I know it's $420 Cdn...and "my" SA said sometime FEb.
  6. what is it for? is it really for envolopes?
  7. :nuts:I think its shape looks like an envelope.
  8. Yeah it's just because it's enveloped shape and has a flap that snaps, rather than just a zip top.
  9. :yes::yes:
  10. what are the dimensions of the envelope? what will fit in it? c/c's?
  11. 2.2"x3.9"x5.5"
  12. its really cute,,, but when is the prics increase..?
  13. it's cute, but the price...
    show you the pics~~
    e1.JPG e2.JPG
  14. reminds me of the multicles rabat and if it's the same, fits about 10 credit cards!! or more, not sure.
  15. ah, i LIKE it! but i don't need two vernis pieces in such light colors! i wish the mat black wasn't discontinued. or the purple. all these bright colors feel so temporary and not able to stand the test of time, for me.