envelope plate or ludlow?

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  1. in Pomme as an everyday wallet.. which would you choose?
  2. i choose the ludlow....

    envelope plate is cute but hard to get in and out of....
  3. I would get the envelope b/c it has the little charms and its LE.
  4. What's LE??
  5. Limited Edition
  6. I vote for the ludlow as it more practical than the envelope plate ... I was going to purchase the pomme one but decided against it as it was quite difficult for me to get in/out of it .. the dentelle ludlow is also LE;)
  7. Ludlow.
  8. ludlow all the way...
  9. Envelope plate, because you won't need to fold your cash. If you don't use cash so much, I'd recommend you the Ludlow.
  10. Ludlow :yes:
  11. Ludlow..so cute!
  12. Envelope plate.
  13. Envelope plate, it is so cute with the charms!
  14. ludlow is much more practical.
  15. I will vote for Ludlow. Seems more practical.