Envelope Fold Over Bag

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  1. Does anyone have the envelope fold over bag? If not has anyone seen it? It looks fabulous but I have only seen it online in two colors. Anyone??
  2. Are you talking about the Envelope Clutch? If so, I have three of them and love them. They hold a surprising amount of items...Perfect for a night out. :smile:
  3. Yes, I am and the ones I saw online are beautiful so I am thinking about ordering. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Also, if you wanted some photos and discussion of the envelope clutch (and other clutches), you can check out the Cool Clutch Club in the Balenciaga Clubhouse section. I don't know how to link to it, but if you search for it, you should be able to find it. :smile:
  5. Hi Izzy! I have the new one with a strap, and I really enjoy it. I
    like the option of the strap partly because I'm afraid I will set it down & forget it. I can fit my full size wallet in it, so it's roomy. I would recommend it!
  6. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I love the looks of the bag and I have a fairly new Boston in gris pyrite so I don't want another grey and I don't need another black. Are you familiar with the rose bonbon or rose azalee? One appears more pink that the other so I am curious if someone knows these colors. Also, will the color transfer with the light colored bags?

    Thanks for any info you might have!!
  7. The rose azalea is gorgeous! To my eyes, it was a pink-coral color. I would love to have a bag in it, but I've purchases way too many bags recently. It could have denim transfer because it's a medium color. Black, anthracite, dark blues are no problem with jeans. Personally, I'd probably use this color mostly in the Spring & Summer; I don't wear jeans as often during those seasons so color transfer wouldn't be an issue.

  8. Thank you again for your opinion and comments. I absolutely love the rose azelea color so I believe I will order the bag. I am going to think it over until this weekend or Monday and make a final decision. If I bought the anthracite I could use it year round but I want some color. I also think it is a spring summer color and actually will go with much of what I wear. Will let you know! Thanks so much!