Envelope Clutch!

  1. Has anyone recently seen the envelope clutch and if yes in what colors?
    What colors do you love it in the most?
    I am waiting to hear back from Barneys NY who just got a new shipment b/c most stores Ive called are out or only have them in colors im not interested in (white/green)
    Bal NY said I could be put on the waitlist for electric blue or turq but they have a 3 month window on the list...
  2. there is or was a jaune GSH on eBay very recently. If you want that color maybe you can contact the seller. It didn't sell.
  3. i am not sure about the coral red...if it is a nice red...the clutch can look very stunning. 2nd option would be EB then the bright yellow.
  4. If anyone gets an EB, please post pics - I'm on the wait list for that as well. Didn't realize the list was so long, but that's ok, my handbag budget is definately spent for the next couple of months.
  5. I have one with GH in red :p
  6. ^^^ oooo - sounds pretty - would love to see a pic. I know I want a bright colored clutch so not 100% set on color yet, but the env. clutch is definately next on my list.
  7. Is there anyone ho knows how much the envelope clutch costs in europe/ or bal paris?
  8. There is a Jaune SGH Envelope Clutch right now on the Real Deal Collection website.
  9. just got back from Neimans Atlanta, where they had a violet GSH envelope clutch. it was gorgeous. i talked myself out of it as i have the same combo in a work on the way. but am still terribly tempted. someone on this forum please buy it, then post about it to put me out of my misery and so that i don't call NM everyday to see if it's still there. :crybaby:
  10. Mine is Ivory with GGH, so I guess that would fall under the "white" category, but it's definitely a different color from White. Striking and SO pretty!
  11. Can you post a Pic?? I have never seen an Ivory clutch!:p
  12. I know Nordstoms in Sacramento had a black one w/GSH a while back. You could always call them.
  13. Barneys in Chicago also had some.
  14. I have a Jaune GSH - absolutely love it!! It is currently on high rotation as my fave bal item!
  15. Has anyone seen a black or anthra clutch w GGH in stores lately?