Envelope Clutch - yay or nay?

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  1. Hi lovely ladies,

    Today I found 2 Envelope Clutches with RGGH (!!!) for sale: one in Black and one in Coquelicot (at least I believe it is). The price is great and I really think maybe I should get one.
    So my question is: how much do you use your Envelope Clutches? Is it useful?
    I'm Giant 21 hardware diehard fan but all my bags are Cities and have never had Envelope Clutch before.
  2. I had a Coquelicot rggh EC one time and loved it. I only sold becauseI found the combo in the Velo. I no longer have the Velo and would buy one again if I could. I think they are very user friendly.
  3. YAY YAY YAY! I just got my first envelope clutch and waiting for it to come in. I think they are sooooooooo beautiful!
  4. Yes to both if you could get both! :biggrin:
  5. Do they have a strap?
  6. Hi sodapop, the strap wasn't introduced I think only until FW 2013 (correct me if I've got it wrong ladies), and G21 was already discontinued way before that.

    I think the EC G21 in RGGH especially is gorgeous for night outs with girlfriends, boyfriends and for fancy dinners, etc. :smile:
  7. If you have a strap; don t hesitate. It could be a versatile style