Envelope Clutch or Covered Giant Brogues?

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  1. Hi there,

    I have a few Citys and a Town. I recently came across a covered giant brogues clutch in a gorgeous blue-gray color. I already have a few clutches (LV and Clare V) and was looking for a crossbody. Is the covered giant lustworthy enough to get even without the cross body?

    Also for those that have the envelope with strap- does it lay stiff on your side? I like a crossbody to be a bit slouchier.

  2. The older models of the Envelope with strap had the ring to attach the strap underneath the flap. This gave it more of a hobo look, but it also placed a lot of stress on the rings and there were a lot of repair issues.

    The newer model placed the rings on the outside back of the handbag which made the bag fall flat on your side and relieved the stress on the hardware. So far no issues with the newer style, and in my opinion made the look and wear of the clutch better.

    In regards to the Giant Brouge studs. There will be no strap and also there have been several issues about the leather peeling off the studs. The chances of Balenciaga being able to repair the leather are small since they would have to check to even see if they have that particular color available to match. (Colors over two seasons are typically not readily available to use for repairs within an acceptable time frame)
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  3. i bought a envelope with the strap and then returned it and purchased one without the strap. the strap was too thin to support the weight of stuff inside (imo) and when the strap was attached it would slouch in the center, but not in a good way. i love the clutch without the strap now - the size is so generous that you're not holding a small clutch, but a spacious handbag, and it's very comfy. i'd opt for the envelope clutch without the strap, personally. i have some towns and cities too, and since the town can crossbody i didn't think the clutch needed to.
  4. Im partial to brogues. They are hard to come by. I would get it especially if it's in the color that you like.
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  5. I just got a brogues velo in black. It didn't look like there were undertones but I guess we will see. U r right hard to come by! I see millions of regular city or giant city but none in velo
  6. Also I find if u get bals in black resale value is much higher than colored ones. I guess moto just looks better in black! Plus no issues with color matching or handles.